Production supra sport

Besides Workout and sports, our passion is engineering. What you have seen so far is impossible without what we show here. This is how steel is hardened, this is how our Workout complexes are produced and thanks to this we can become stronger with you

Our production

1. First, we cut each metal element on a laser cutting machine.
2. Welding of a horizontal bar, trx and other elements of the complex.
3. Shot peening. Shot peening consists of exposing the surface of a part with an abrasive material supplied at a high speed by an air stream. To carry out such work, special equipment is used – shot blasting machines. The power of the supplied abrasive air jet allows you to remove various dirt and coatings, rust, scale, irregularities, and much more.
4. Next, the elements are sent to the application of a zinc-containing primer.
5. After that, dry powder paint is applied to the elements and placed in a chamber heated to 180-200 degrees.
6. The elements remain in the chamber for 10-15 minutes, they heat up, the paint melts and sticks to the metal.
7. Cooling.
8. The elements enter the assembly shop, fix the plugs, fasten them with bolts.
9. Packing the elements
10. Loading the elements of the complex into the car.
11. Installation, assembly and concreting of the complex.

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