Sports ComplexSCS-40.1

Types of physical activity

SCS-40.1 Sports Complex has several elements, each training session on it will be the most effective and efficient. It can be used as an obstacle course for competition preparation and for children in schools. On this complex, you can do a lot of exercises - push-ups, abs, pull-ups, climbing, jumping.

Age group 12+
Weight 1082 kg
Dimensions HxWxL (mm) 2400х3525х40000
Material stands stainless steel AISI 304
Material other elements ordinary steel 3PS, the first layer is a zinc-containing primer, the second layer is powder coating
Material metalware stainless steel
Thickness pipe 2 mm
*We offer the possibility of choosing the type of complex and present several options for solutions stainless steel with zinc-containing primer and powder painting, or zinc-containing primer and powder painting or only powder painting. Two concreting solutions or flanged solutions are available for installation. You can also change the color.