Sports ComplexSCS-30.1

Types of physical activity

SCS-30.1 Sports Complex sports complex has several elements, each training session on it will be the most effective and efficient. On this complex, you can do a lot of exercises - push-ups, abs, pull-ups, climbing, jumping.

Age group 12+
Weight 768 kg
Dimensions HxWxL (mm) 2400х3525х30000
Material stands stainless steel AISI 304
Material other elements ordinary steel 3PS, the first layer is a zinc-containing primer, the second layer is powder coating
Material metalware stainless steel
Thickness pipe 2 mm
*We offer the possibility of choosing the type of complex and present several options for solutions stainless steel with zinc-containing primer and powder painting, or zinc-containing primer and powder painting or only powder painting. Two concreting solutions or flanged solutions are available for installation. You can also change the color.