Supra Sport has a European quality certificate

We invite talented and enthusiastic architects, designers, planners, as well as design studios, architectural firms and other organizations related to construction and urban development for cooperation!

Offer Supra Sport to your clients for interesting projects that workout complexes can accommodate. Supra Sport offers top-class sports equipment that will organically and naturally take root in any yard, park, on any street or hall where there is even the slightest opportunity to play sports

Supra Sport has a European quality certificate

Convenient designing and planning

We provide equipment diagrams in 3D and 2D visualization and drawings, we can advise on all the little things related to the installation

Uniqueness and individuality

The unique connections and materials of our products are designed, manufactured and patented by our designers and engineers who continue to develop new elements and technologies.

Stainless steel

Not a luxury but a requirement, the complete set of your workout complexes consists of stainless steel elements, which allows us to increase the service life of the product several times

Flexibility of possibilities

Supra Sport has complexes that can fill any space, from the smallest to the largest stadiums and spaces of all sizes in between.

Interested in a Offer?

The warehouse in the Lubelskie Voivodeship is always filled with the most popular workout complexes, ready to be dispatched at any time to anywhere in Europe

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we are always happy to discuss the conditions ​of the project and implement it at the highest leve